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Trail Skiing on Mount Hood – A Long Standing Tradition

TRAIL SKIING ON Mount HOOD A LONG STANDING TRADITION By Lloyd Musser Ask any Mt. Hood skier over the age of 25 to recall a memorable skiing event on Mt. Hood and they likely will recall fond memories of skiing the Glade Trail. Should the skier be older than 50, they might also recall skiing…
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A Short History of Timberline Lodge

By Lloyd Musser As early as the 1880’s, people were thinking about building LODGES on Mount Hood. In 1889, Wm. Ladd and CES Wood built Cloud Cap Inn. Visitors had to travel by railroad to Hood River, then take a stage coach, via a toll road, to reach this rustic lodge, near the timberline on…
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Mount Hood Skiing History and the Mt. Hood Museum

1890 Langille brothers skied the north side of Mount Hood to check on the Cloud Cap Lodge. 1903, the Mazamas, a Portland mountain climbing club, tested 10’ long skis near Government Camp and found skiing a good comparison to flying. 1904 Portlanders form the Snowshoe Club: they would use snowshoes to reach their cabin at…
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Our Mountain, Mount Hood

By Lloyd Musser Is that Mount Hood? How tall is it? Is it going to erupt? These are the questions most often asked by visitors to the Mt. Hood Cultural Center and Museum. The first two questions are rather easy to answer if one does not deviate from the standard docent script. The question relating…
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