Annually, the Mt. Hood Cultural Center and Museum holds a Ski the Glade Day.  The Glade is a historic downhill ski trail linking   Timberline Lodge to the village of Government Camp, a distance of three miles.  This unique event combines participatory living history and fund raising for the operation of the non-profit museum.

Participatory living history programs allow visitors to join interpreters in recreating a historic activity.  Participation allows visitors to become doers instead of viewers, as is the case of most living history programs. The most common participatory living history programs require some skill or talent and physical labor.  The ability to ride a horse to participate in a cattle drive or carpentry skills to help in a barn raising are common examples.  Ski the Glade is pure recreation, no labor involved, and a once a year chance to relive the golden years trail skiing on Mt. Hood. 

Downhill trail skiing started on Mt. Hood around 1900 and remained popular until the 1970’s.  Before the road was constructed  to Timberline Lodge in 1937 skiers climbed to the 6000 foot level and skied back to Government Camp on the trails and through open glades.  The Timberline Road allowed skiers to get in more trail runs by using cars or the Taxi to return uphill.  The popularity of trail skiing peaked in the 1970’s.  Downhill trail skiing on Mt. Hood has gradually decreased over the last two decades, to the point that trail skiing is just a memory for older  skiers and a byline in history for new skiers.  Today the vegetation is encroaching on the trails, the signs are gone, and the trails are not maintained or groomed.  Skiing between Timberline Lodge and Government Camp is not encouraged. The museum’s Ski the Glade Day is a chance to participate in a historical recreation activity.  Older skiers enjoy donning vintage ski clothing to relive their younger days.  Younger skiers that missed those good old days, get a chance to experience what was once considered an extreme and thrilling activity.  Senior Mt. Hood Ski Patrol members and former US Forest Service Snow Rangers act as interpreters and guides.  The brown bag lunches and hitching back to the top has been replaced with a gourmet lunch, and luxury shuttle service in return for an appropriate donation to the museum.  Join us for a fun day of historical skiing, and contribute to the funding of the Mt. Hood Cultural Center and Museum.    

For more information, contact the Mt. Hood Cultural Center and Museum at: 503-272-3301 

Trail Skiing on Mount Hood