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Phase 2 East/West Exhibit Expansion

The Phase 2 expansion provides for more museum exhibit space and a research library for the East Wing. Phase 2 also simplifies the roof line of both the East and West Wings, preventing the ongoing roofing damage that heavy snows inflict due to the currently complicated roof forms.

East Wing expansion:

This expansion increases the footprint of the East Wing, expanding museum exhibit space in both the Ski Gallery and the Forest Gallery, and improving the emergency exiting from this wing. It includes the addition of a north-facing dormer on the presently unused third floor, and a reconfiguration of this level to allow for a research library, served by the existing elevator. This expansion also creates the volume needed for the future catering kitchen in Phase 3.

Re-Roof of East and West Wings:

The existing roof lines will be simplified to prevent roof damage following heavy snowfall, a concern with the existing roof lines. These expansive roofs face south and will be an ideal location for future solar panels.

Phase 1

Clubhouse/Archives Expansion

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Phase 3

Event Hall/Gift Shop Expansion