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Phase 3 – Event Hall/Gift Shop Expansion

Phase 3 is perhaps the most exciting of the three phases. It will involve a large expansion to the museum’s lobby and gift shop, as well as creating a new upper story event hall with a spectacular view of Mt. Hood, sized to accommodate private parties, traveling exhibits and large community meetings. This expansion, while the most costly, is expected to significantly expand the museum’s revenue-generating capacity and position it for a long and healthy future as the heart of Mt. Hood history and culture.


The current lobby is undersized and cramped. The Phase 3 lobby will be a circulation and information hub serving tourists to the region, museum visitors, and event attendees. This spacious space will provide greeters, visitor brochures, maps, and permits needed for a visit to the Mt. Hood area. Museum visitors start their visit here as well, orienting themselves to the museum’s many exhibits. Event attendees will orient in the lobby, and use the elevator serving the event hall and all other floors located here.

Gift shop:

The gift shop is a critical component of the business plan for the museum. Its ability to generate much-needed operating revenue for the museum is currently hampered by its small size. Phase 3 will greatly expand the gift shop, and allow it to incorporate expanded offerings, including a coffee bar. Government Camp genuinely needs a dedicated gift shop. In Phase 3, the gift shop will be enlarged to include a wider variety of items from local artists as well as commercial merchandise.

Event hall & catering kitchen:

The Event Hall is one of the most exciting aspects of Phase 3. A large event room with vaulted ceilings looks over Government Camp and will have a tremendous at the sunny South flank of Mt. Hood. Intended for large community and private events, this space is designed to seat up to 200 people, and will be a critical revenue-generator for the museum. It will be served by a dedicated catering kitchen.


The present east plaza will be transformed to a food cart area and bike plaza. The west plaza will feature native plants and public art. Both plazas will provide valuable outdoor gathering places for the community and tourists. The west plaza is planned to accommodate a future Steiner Cabin exhibit.

Phase 1

Clubhouse/Archives Expansion

Phase 2

East/West Exhibit Expansion

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